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Workplace Gender Diversity


Tap our extensive research and knowledge around conscious and subconscious triggers & behaviours to access deeper understanding of how people operate, knowingly or otherwise, when in the workplace.

With over 15 years' experience unpacking mindsets, we have both the knowledge and the scientific backup to support you, with tailored programmes designed to get results, create behaviour change. Communicate effectively with women...without alienating men. Aid staff commitment to any necessary changes, by the business and by them.

All aimed at achieving constructive reflectiveness and then conscious action. To deliver you a culture embracing greater gender equality and respect, recruitment & promotion based on merits and skills.


INSIGHT - Introduction & Catalyst training

o AWAKENING: Gender Diversity Fundamentals
  • Subconscious bias explained and demo'ed

o AUDIENCE CLARITY: Defining & understanding your workplace targets

o AUDIT: Review suitability of existing workplace culture & activity

o APPLIED EVE: Our GD input, brainstorming/development participation

STRATEGY - Eve-olved Coaching, Advanced Audience Engagement

o BREAKTHROUGH: Hands-on Workshops
  • Build exposure, knowledge & understanding amongst staff
  • Create training map and modules
  • Set performance markers

o BUILDING DEPTH: Add Subconscious trigger unpacks... the cultural WHYs
  • For company and for individual actions of change
o BUY-OLOGY: Build the Perfect Fit between brand offer and female needs

o BRAINPOWER KIDNAP: Absorb best practice from around the world

INFORMED EXECUTION - Talking in her terms, Eve mentoring

o CREATING THE BRIDGE: Women in Leadership support & coaching



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