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Differences & Implications of genders for marketing

The difference?

The implication?
The female brain works 
differently to a male brain
She's got better memory, is more language sensitive, uses logical & intuitive thinking. Meaning?  She'll 'talk things through' to seek info and others' opinions.  Her decision making process will require inputs & time to reach the Perfect Answer™, with her reviewing products' functional and emotional benefits. And, she's dangerously likely to reject marketing 'spin' vs authentic speak.
For women,
talking is not just words,
it's a bonding tool

She "twin-tracks" when communicating. Not only exchanging info but building or breaking bonds between her and the person she's talking to.  For marketers looking to build brand love, talking to her not at her, matching your language style to hers  - suggestive rather than assumptive, focusing on benefits vs features -  all are key to building connections with women and trust in your brand.
When purchasing, 
men transact, women 
relate and buy
It's not just a purchase; have her join the brand, identify with it, have common values with it. During research & purchase the customer experience speaks volumes to her.  Info drought, hard sells or time consumption, all turn her cold, feel pressured rather than understood and valued. Build that brand love prior but spread it through the buying & follow up stages - or risk losing her sale!
Advice & information is
 valued & wanted
Unlike men, who filter information to narrow the decision, women drive to do find more info, do due diligence and review all the options. To find a solution that is the Perfect Answer, she also compares and contrasts, seeking opinions from her Trusted Advisors™ (friends, family, respected auto experts etc.). Smart brands aid this process by simply making it easier or quicker for her to do! 

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