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So we know women. So what? Well, given females are influencing over 80% of all consumers spend in Australia, so lots!
All About Eve acts as your catalyst to effective solutions. We deliver both the knowledge of women and its practical
application so you can drive relationships & sales.

Women make less than 10% of decisions in their conscious minds. Learn the importance of having both conscious & subconscious insight depth through...

Firstly, in-depth insight & understanding of women through:
The Vault  TM
At Eve we can tap our expertise first to provide you with more insight
upfront at less cost.

Access our stockpile of insights and research, collected over the last 15 years from here and around the world, to save you time and budget.   More...
GirlsTalk TM
What women want and why they buy (Conscious Mind Insights).
Through applying GirlsAware and working with pre-eminent researchers such as Hugh Mackay, we created our original fem-centric research concept and methodology, GirlsTalk. More...
GirlsAware TM

Why women feel, think and behave the way they do (Subconscious Mind Insights).
Want to get inside your female customers heads? Then GirlsAware could be exactly what you're looking for. More...
Secondly, practical actionable solutions by applying that knowledge:
Intelligence TM
Strategic recommendations on programme fine tuning to deliver greater sales.
Ever felt you had an enormous amount of data but no pertinent insights, or found the insight was real but irrelevant to your brand or product? More...
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