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How did you go?

All the statements in both panels are facts. Question is, which view can deliver the greater sales opportunities for your organisation?

Read the results of the panel which reflected your view most...

Women represent

If your company's thinking is
similar to the left hand panel you're missing out on sales to women.
You're thinking in a traditional way that simply doesn't exist much nowadays.
Not only are female earnings increasing faster than males, women are influencing the majority of consumer spending in all households - controlling the budget in 75% of homes.
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Women represent

If you scored mainly in the right panel then congratulations! You've realised women are a majority market you need to be tapped into, just like Tom Peters (whose quote was the conclusion in the right panel). You've identified they're spending not just on themselves, but are also surrogate spending™. You've also realised they are the main researchers or information collectors, again influencing what's bought. You know the opportunity, question is are you maximising sales by marketing in her language?
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