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GirlsTalk TM Better insights by design

By applying social sciences, such as Psychology and Sociology, and Neuroscience, then working with pre-eminent researchers such as Hugh Mackay, we created our original fem-centric research concept and methodology, GirlsTalk.

Back in 2002 we set out to develop ways of interacting with women in environments they were comfortable with and open in. Situations that delivered no-holds-barred, honest conversations just like they would have with their girlfriends or family.

Designed around genetic female preferences, GirlsTalk forums draw out feedback like you've never heard from conventional research groups.



So they had a good time. Why is that important to you? Because when women are having a good time, they truly open up and talk - a lot. You get to hear what they think, want and feel - and why - without any polite social conversation hiding the real truth. You gain the relevant and meaningful insights you're looking for, that make the difference to your products and services where it counts - making the sale.

When you use in-depth GirlsTalk, you know you're getting to hear what women really think.

A parting thought. Most women struggle to name brands or categories that they feel speak to their needs or the needs of their family and friends. Imagine the opportunity offered if you could connect your brand to women's needs.



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