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Actionable Intelligence TM Knowledge-based solutions

Ever felt you had an enormous amount of data but no pertinent insights, or found the insight was real but irrelevant to your brand or product?

With extensive first-hand experience in marketing, advertising and communications, our team at Eve understands the problems you face every day, every brand or sales planning cycle. We know it's all about solutions, not data.

Through match analysis of your offering against women's needs, we highlight insights that can be transformed into opportunities.

We call this Actionable Intelligence TM, turning knowledge into solutions.

Whether it's simple directional pointers to enable you to think about your business' evolution or one of our full strategic Buy-ology TM workshops leading to action plans for results, we can be the catalyst to the solutions - and action - you're looking for.

Actionable Intelligence TM - delivering solutions that move your brand from force fit to perfect fit with female purchasers.




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