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How true leaders learn to whisper | The Communications Council | July 2017

Praise for Eve insight initiative, Four Legged Sages, continued, with Linda being asked by industry body, The Communications Council, to run an inspirational opening workshop at their IPA Leadership courses in Sydney and Melbourne across July and August. Talking to future agency leaders, she provided a catalyst to enable participants to review their past, present, and future ideas about true leadership. She provided a unique interactive masterclass in leadership based on trust, demonstrating moving an audience from distrust to choosing a leader. The key? Using footage of horse whispering in progress to show lessons that the equine world can teach would-be leaders about the craft of both leading and being followed. Delegates were blow away, even brought close to tears by some of the AHA moments the session brought.

The Whisper- with Linda McGregor | Marketing Matters blog | July 2017

After presenting to The University of Sydney's Master of Marketing students as a guest lecturer and speaking at the Master of Marketing Reception, Linda shared some thoughts with Marketing Matters, a blog by current University of Sydney Master of Marketing students, on distilling audience insights to create strategies that can foster brand love.

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Can you whisper your way to brand love? | University of Sydney Business School, Masters of Marketing program | July 2017

As a diversion from the normal All About Eve topic of women, founder, Linda, delivered a keynote on whispering to the student and staff body at the recent Masters of Marketing reception at the University of Sydney Business School. Whispering?? Yes, but not how you think.

Titled "Can you whisper your way to brand love", the talk covered how true marketers translate research inputs about their target audiences into deep insight about their behaviour & how to influence it, to build the bridge between consumer need and brand offer and achieve the lofty, lucrative goal of BRAND LOVE.

To the surprise - and delight - of the audience, she inspired new thinking about achieving that goal, by using horses & Horse Whisperers. An apparently different craft, she demonstrated that whisperers too are masters of distilling insight, changing behaviour & creating bonds of trust - and in fact might have some lessons to teach us as marketers.
Image from The Horse Whisperer (1998)

The Status Quota, the gender diversity debate at Vivid Ideas, part of Vivid Sydney | June 2017

The second of two appearances at Vivid Ideas, part of the Vivid Sydney festival this year, Linda McGregor gave the pro-quotas team's closing argument at the Legends & Leaders hosted The Status Quota debate, pitting quotas against merit as the best path to gender diversity in the workforce, arguing that quotas are a necessary "wrecking ball", a means to an end, to force attention, action, and change, and facilitate the rise of female merit selection. There were lots of open minds in the audience, who were polled both before and after the debate, and had shifted from two-thirds of the audience pro-merit pre-debate to 50:50 afterwards.

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Are Horse Whisperers better masters of audience insight than you? | Battle of Big Thinking, Vivid Ideas, at Vivid Sydney | June 2017

Combining her passions in life - audience insights and horses - Linda McGregor explored the ways horse whisperers can help brands gain insights into the conscious and subconscious mindsets of their target audiences, and how to approach campaign crafting to inspire trust and build brand love.

The event, organised by the Communications Council, saw 9 industry heavyweights to push the boundaries of conventional thinking in the advertising and PR world.

Female HardTalk - Professor Teresa Davis interviews Linda McGregor on marketing to women | University of Sydney Business School, Masters of Marketing program | April 2017

As an extension to the All About Eve guest lecture on the all-important female segment, Associate Professor in Discipline of Marketing, Teresa Davis, decided to probe Eve founder, Linda McGregor, in order to pull apart some of the often-used stereotypes, myths, and unanswered tough questions about understanding & effectively marketing to the female market. In a 30-minute session, they explored & exploded myths, dimensionalised the role of deeper insights, covered commercial brand case studies and highlighted executional pointers to successfully connecting to and influencing female segments. View the video on this link to hear for yourselves some of the gems.

Guest lecture from Linda McGregor to Master of Marketing post grad. Students | University of Sydney Business School, Masters of Marketing program | April 2017

As part of her continued support of University of Sydney, Linda went "back to school" as the teacher. With All About Eve being one of the university's "industry friends" and Linda's status as Australia's leading insights expert on women, she was invited to add commercial realism to the Masters course as a guest lecturer. As part of the Contemporary Consumer Behaviour module, she was tasked to help the class better understand the female target audience. In particular, Linda introduced them to the idea of needing to understand women at both conscious and subconscious mindset levels in order to be able to understand and then influence the root causes of audience behaviour, not just the symptomatic attitudes and actions.

Feedback from hosting lecturer, Teresa Davis, and direct from students confirmed the session was a success, with words like "fantastic," "loved it," and "sensational" bandied around, as well as comments such as "I must have taken four or five pages of notes" alluding to the added dimension the post grad audience got from the insights.

Sisters Doing It For Themselves: The Rise of Femvertising | Femeconomy blog | March 2017

Linda McGregor explained how advertising is still getting it wrong in relation to marketing to women in a guest post for the girls at Femeconomy recently . Check out the interesting work they're doing - helping women make a difference by voting with their purses.

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Workplace Power of Women | Media Futures blog, interview with Linda McGregor | November 2016

At the AMI CX Summit this year, Linda McGregor spoke with Greg Alladrice from Media Futures about how to effectively connect with female target audiences. After the success of that interview, they caught up again recently to talk about the gender equality side of the business.

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Hot tips from the Women In Media Hack-a-thon | B&T Magazine | August 2016

A wrap up from the inaugural B&T 'Women In Media Forum' hack-a-thon highlighting all the clever practices that should be implemented within the workplace.

Eve's Linda McGregor was a table host for the group discussing Women in Leadership. Below are the key takeaways from this discussion:
  • Mentoring programs: Have a network of mentors and mentees that are then matched together based on what mentees are looking for and how mentors can help, using both male and female mentors. For example, B&T could facilitate mentor networking that pairs 'perfect matches' for mentors and mentees to give more women in the industry access to senior leaders and gain valuable advice for their careers.
  • Change the conversation regarding maternity and paternity leave to an overarching 'parental leave' conversation to remove gender from the issue and make it a family issue not a women's issue. Urge a national family body or organisation, such as Australian Parents Council for example, to create a 'seal of approval' that rewards and endorses companies that offer great parental leave schemes, in the same way the Heart Foundation endorses healthier food with the red tick.
  • Promote the idea that an equal gender split is just good business sense, and promote/award/celebrate agencies that are winning accolades and reaching record profits as a result of their gender equal workplace, because when you have diversity in your team, it is economically beneficial for everyone involved.

For tips from the other groups on work/life balance and the gender pay gapread the full article.

Women In Media Powerlist Shortlist | B&T Magazine | July 2016

From a field of 300 nominees, B&T and their panel of industry experts have whittled the list down to a shortlist of 90 of the most powerful and fabulous women in media - and All About Eve's Linda McGregor has made the cut. The final top 30 Powerlist will be announced at B&T's Women In Media Awards on the 19th of August.

How To Get Ahead As A Female In The Workplace: Linda McGregor | B&T Magazine | July 2016

With Women in Media just around the corner, there's plenty of talk about female leadership in the workplace. In this guest post, founder and business principal of All About Eve, Linda McGregor, tells women how to get ahead in their industry.

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Women in Media: It's All About Eve's Linda McGregor | B&T Magazine | July 2016

"Happy Wednesday, fine folk of the industry! Today, in our coverage of incredible Women in Media , we're bringing you the founder & business principal of All About Eve, Linda McGregor, who shares some pearls of wisdom with us."

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Effectively Marketing to Women | Media Futures blog, interview with Linda McGregor | July 20 16

At the AMI CX Summit recently, Linda McGregor spoke with Greg Allardice from Media Futures about how to effectively connect with female target audiences.

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Milking the Mummy Dollar | Radio National 'Life Matters' | June 2016

If you are planning on selling something to a group of mothers, then you have your work cut out for you.

Did you know that collectively, women with children out-spend the mining, agricultural and fishing industries? But for all of that $132 billion dollar per annum expenditure, over half of these mothers feel that the people marketing to them don't actually know or understand them and that most of the advertising directed at them is at best adequate, at worst, insulting.

All About Eve's 'mums specialist' Michelle Harvey along with Blogger and freelance writer, Lana Hirschowitz and Director of Fuel Consultancy, Tiina Raikko talk with Cassie McCullagh on Radio National's 'Life Matters' program.

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Smooth Transition to Lipsticks for Burt's Bees | Eco Beauty Editor | May 2016

While all-day lipstick may be appealing to a lot of women, it begs the question "What chemicals keep it on all day?" All About Eve's health and beauty specialist, Emma McDermott talks to Maha Obeid at Eco Beauty Editor about the rise of 'ethical consumerism' and why natural is no longer just the domain of eco warriors. "As consumers change their relationship with chemicals, cleanliness and health in all aspects of their lives, it is having an amplified effect on the beauty sector."

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AdNews Special Report: Marketing to Women | September 2015

Over the last 12 months, there has been a spate of global ads and brand campaigns that purport to promote positive female empowerment, like Pantene's Not Sorry, CoverGirl's Girls Can, Always' #Like a Girl, and Under Armour's I Will What I Want, but marketing to women doesn't have to be overtly about gender or women's issues.

AdNews' Maha Obeid talks with Linda McGregor and other brand and marketing specialists to find out more.

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Who is that woman? | Travel Play Live Magazine | September 2015

"You know her, you've seen her. The woman standing with her back to camera, in a wide landscape of incredible grandeur. The face-less female who's been popping up in our Instagram and Pinterest feeds for the last couple of years, causing us to stop in our tracks and ponder for a moment".

Caro Ryan from invites Linda McGregor to share some thoughts on the relevance and meaning of the 'Faceless Female (FF), in Travel Play Live's inaugural issue.

Are women financially illiterate, or just disengaged, and nonchalant?

Buchan's Lauren Nowak explores the question: "Why are so many young women disengaged with long term investment, wealth creation and in particular, their superannuation?"

Can it be that this disengagement is a result of communication in the wrong form? Are communicators speaking to women in a language that engages them? Or repels them? All About Eve's Linda McGregor provides some insights. She points outs that much of the nature of financial copy takes an educational, "we know better than you" tone. This does little to pull a female audience into a conversation - and certainly not one where she can easily feel the brand or advisor is a trusted advisor looking out for her interests.

Click here to read full story at Women's Agenda

Effective Marketing to Women | AMI Webinar | May 2015

All About Eve Principal, Linda McGregor talks to members of the Australian Marketing Institute in this webinar on how to communicate with and engage female audiences. She covers how the female brain works differently to a male's and why this is important to know; and why "thinking pink" when marketing to women can alienate or offend and how you can avoid this in your marketing.

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The Last of the Hippies Hit 50 | B&T Magazine Issue 2805 | Aug/Sept 2014

They were the original rebels,the generation that burned their bras and discovered rock 'n' roll. But now the Baby Boomers have surpassed middle age and become invisible to marketers and agencies unsure how to speak to them. With their average household net worth in excess of $1 million, is a major opportunity being missed? - BROOKE HEMPHILL, B&T Magazine

Click here to find out what All About Eve principal, Linda McGregor, shared with Brooke about female baby boomers.

Sex, Consumer Sentiment And The Dollar | Sydney Morning Herald | October 2014

"Emma McDermott, who researches online shopping trends for All About Eve, said the very high level of the Australian dollar between 2010 and 2013 coincided with a surge in overseas online shopping by women. This was most noticeable in the purchase of trend-driven and high-end fashion by younger women". - Matt Wade, Sydney Morning Herald

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Tap Into Your Feminine Side | Jeweller Magazine | September 2013

Retailers who ignore female buying patterns do so at their own peril. The fairer sex is estimated to make 80 per cent of all purchasing decisions, as Emily Mobbs discovers when she talks to Michelle Harvey from All About Eve.
In the past decade, women have become a powerhouse in the economy. Recent census figures show that one in five Australian workers earning over $100,000 are women. But their broader influence on spending is even greater with some estimates saying females are responsible for between 65 and 80 per cent of all spending decisions, and up to 90 cents of the household dollar. They're figures that are ignored at your peril if you're in the retail and services sectors and that have major implications for design.

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"Mission Possible" - All About Eve Helps Reinvigorate The Lenards Brand | Franchising Magazine | October 2012

Franchise chain, Lenard's, is celebrating 25 years of business with a new brand direction and consumer insights. Lenard's' new brand direction, "Let's Make Something Special", encompasses a new logo and strap line.

It all started with casual conversations across the counters of Lenard's stores between staff and their customers and led to a six-month research project conducted by insight consultancy All About Eve.

Lenard's national marketing manager, Zoe Jacovou, said "The redevelopment work was fondly called, "Mission Possible" by the team of strategic, creative and media experts that we pulled together to help us embrace the changing meal environment that our customers, old and new, were having to deal with.

"With this new brand direction, we have completely reconstructed our consumer and brand strategy, we have made the customer experience our biggest priority and positioned Lenard's as a trusted partner in the kitchen, offering more, better and easier chicken solutions than our competitors."

Click here for more on how Lenard's marked 25th year with a brand refresh

Marketing To Women | AdNews Special Report | September 201 2

Marketing to women is in the process of throwing off the shackles of long-held stereotypes. So what is the secret to tapping into this powerful consumer segment?

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The Panel: Decision Power Brokers | ABC Radio National | August 2012

Michelle Harvey, Consultant + strategist, All About Eve is a panellist on the ABC's Radio National 'By Design' program which looks at how women are increasing their decision-making power on how the family dollar is spend, and this is in turn changing the way products are designed

In the past decade, women have become a powerhouse in the economy. Recent census figures show that one in five Australian workers earning over $100,000 are women. But their broader influence on spending is even greater with some estimates saying females are responsible for between 65 and 80 per cent of all spending decisions, and up to 90 cents of the household dollar. They're figures that are ignored at your peril if you're in the retail and services sectors and that have major implications for design.

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The Rise Of The She Economy | Sydney Morning Herald | July 2012

One in four Sydney workers earning $100,000 a year are women and they are a growing economic force, writes the Sydney Morning Herald's Matt Wade.

Slowly but surely women are taking over Sydney's economy. You can see it strolling down the city's high streets or through its swank shopping malls. These have become showcases for the mighty "She economy".
"Unlike previous Boomers, much of their disposable income - which is high - will be spent 'living the world' rather than buying it," says Linda McGregor, from All About Eve, an agency specialising in marketing to women.
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