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Whatever your needs around marketing to women or gender diversity, All About Eve has the expertise to take your work to the next level.

Here are just a few of our consulting clients:

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Consulting Services: Marketing

We offer a wide range of expertise and tools to help you at every stage of the programme development.

  • INSIGHT: Awakening sessions - exploring the reality vs myths of your female target

  • INSIGHT: Accessing subconscious insight from science to unpack your existing quant and qual work

  • STRATEGY: W orking with your team to Perfect Fit consumer needs and brand offer

  • EXECUTION: Audits of your existing campaign work to establish appropriateness to audience

  • On retainer or project basis, long term or 'plug and play'

  • As presentations, workshops, in-team participation, pitch team

Consulting Services: Gender Diversity
  • Fundamentally focusing on fundamentals and subconscious bias in the workplace

  • Tailored programmes from initial thought starter exposure through to training modules and performance markers

See us in action:

Pacific Magazines. During retainer work, Linda demo'ed as on-tap marketing to women expert in sales team video. Part of their campaign showcasing their mags' competitive edge.

Vizeum Media. Pitch video featured Emma commenting on young female target audiences (successful pitch win).

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