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Our insights, core to our services, examine the complete picture of how people make decisions & behave. Since less than 10% of our decisions are made in our conscious mind, key to influencing behaviour is having insight about both the conscious and subconscious mindsets. From tapping social & neuro sciences we have the unique combination of insight about the conscious and the driving subconsciousness of your targets.

Our Services: originally established in 2003 as a consultancy to understand female audiences better, as female numbers & influence have increasingly impacted businesses, All About Eve has then been uniquely equipped to apply its insights to emerging gender differences & issues in the workplace. More recently, our expertise, especially around female values impact, has given us the ability to not only see the changing face of successful corporate cultures, but understand today's increasing demand for new leadership & teamwork skills. Incorporating mutual trust & respect, shared direction and clear communication, modern workforces have been calling out for new & creative ways to teach these softer, more human skills - All About Eve has answered with a unique training programme at the forefront of people development.

Explore either by delivery format via our consultancy, speaking and teaching services pages, or by area by clicking below on 1 of the 3 distinct but interconnected expertise spaces we operate in. All driven by core gender insights, packaged to create new connections and AHA moments:



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