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Marketing to Women

Our expert services & tools can help by inputting ready-made understanding on women's needs & drivers on 3 levels as your needs dictate - and can be project work or ongoing retainer support.

INSIGHT - Introduction & Catalyst training

o AWAKENING: The Fundamental Four Principles
  • Effective Marketing to Women

o AUDIENCE CLARITY: Understand your audience
  • Access the Eve Vault of our existing expertise
  • Create Female Identity Profiles to map mindset, motivations & decision-making
  • Commission necessary additional consumer research

o AUDIT: Review suitability of your existing campaign work

o APPLIED EVE: Our marketing input, brainstorming participation

STRATEGY - Eve-olved Coaching, Advanced Audience Engagement

o BREAKTHROUGH: Hands-on Workshops that turn insights into directional brand focus
  • Effective Marketing to Women
  • Command vs Invitational Language, Layout & Visuals
  • Don't Think Pink

o BUILDING DEPTH: Add Subconscious trigger unpacks... the WHYs

o BUY-OLOGY: Build the Perfect Fit between brand offer and female needs

o BRAINPOWER KIDNAP: Absorb best practice from around the world

INFORMED EXECUTION - Talking in her terms, Eve mentoring

o CONCEPT FEEDBACK: Ensure relevant & motivating start points

o CONSTRUCTIVE BRAND LOVE: Fine-tune input to ensure the execution magic

o CREATIVE SOUND-BOARDING: WIP inputs on creative development

o CHANNEL SOUND-BOARDING: Subconscious drivers to female channel affinity



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