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Leadership & Teamwork Skills Corporate Development

Four Legged Sages is Eve's latest insight initiative bringing clients a unique experiential learning approach that is non-judgemental and easily digestible - and an organisational behaviour game-changer.

Working with horses on the ground, we use their honest & immediate feedback to offer participants a living mirror of their actions & behaviours, both conscious and subconscious, enabling rapid self-learning through memorable, interactive experiences.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is gaining mainstream acceptance in the corporate world due to its undeniable impact on conscious behaviour in organisations. Whether for developing leaders or key teams, our Four Legged Sages programme can unlock your workforce potential. Equine teachings will lead your people to faster, better illuminating insights about those they are leading, those they are working with, even about themselves and their approaches.

A short interactive video workshop can start the journey - or immerse in hands-on work directly with our horses.

Download the flyer here for either TEAMWORK or LEADERSHIP 


INSIGHT - Introduction & Catalyst training
(1hr interaction workshop using the analogy of horse whisperers as leaders)

o AWAKENING: For consumer targeting - how you lead your audiences to brand love

o AWAKENING: For leadership & teamwork - changing workplace demands on how we work with others effectively

o AUDIT: Psychometric testing to reveal who we really are and how we work

o APPLIED EVE: Our corporate skills input, brainstorming participation

ENGAGEMENT - People development packages
(offsite ½, 1, or 2 day programmes, working with horses)

o BREAKTHROUGH: Skill building exercises
  • Work with horses giving the ultimate non-judgemental feedback
  • On empathetic leading, n team dynamics, or on congruent & incongruent behaviours

o BRING IT ON: Rapid self-learning experiences
  • Aid understanding of the vital Soft Skills necessary in today's corporate cultures

o BENEFIT REFLECTION: Consolidation of learnings
  • Create bite-sized, digestible Actionable Intelligence
  • Take back and apply directly to the business

INFORMED EXECUTION - Follow up sessions to consolidate& fine-tune skills
(offsite ½, or 1 day programmes with previous participants. Working with horses on the ground)

o CREATE YOUR OWN COURSE: in 2 teams, challenging participants to apply their learned skills to design & construct an EAL exercise, Then send the opposing team through it.



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