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Take the test

Read through the statements below and see which panel best represents how your organisation, how you view your staff and where your gender culture sits.

Embracing Gender Diversity

You recruit on the basis of recommendations from those in the company
Your board & C suite is largely male, but you have women on your exec team in non-core P&L roles
You've talked about a Gender Quality programme but our staff are adults - surely they can work out how to get along?
We have run a lot of women-branded initiatives, run an active women only group, where problems are shared & discussed

You stick to tried & tested ways, rather than embracing recent research findings into gender bias issues. You feel you offer women support to talk through their issues.









Embracing Gender Diversity

You recruit on skill basis, using systems to mask genders at initial screening stage
You have an equal number of males & females on your board, in your C suite

You have in place a programme to make sure all staff understand what subconscious bias is about
You have Gender Equality targets and report openly on them annually

You look to recruit & promote on the basis of skills and experience, not gender. But you are also aware of bias and the need to actively support gender equality

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