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How did you go?

All the statement in the two panels describes approaches to creating workplace Gender Diversity. Question is which view delivers results - and a happy, effective, gender-balanced workplace?

Read through the results of the panel which reflected your view most.

Embracing Gender Diversity

Whether you mean to or not, your approach to tackling Gender Equality in the workplace is old-fashioned & largely ineffective. It breeds more of the same of your existing, male-skewed culture. No one is consciously discriminating but subconscious bias is likely to be rife. You're missing a huge opportunity by not engaging the true potential of many of your staff/workforce. It's time to seek some professional help to get a research-based programme in place, covering all staff members.


Embracing Gender Diversity

You're on top of the reality of where the problem of Gender Inequality comes from. As an organisation you're taking a strategic approach to the issue, with a step-by-step programme to inform, create understanding and empower action in the workplace by all your staff. You also ensure that individuals are aware of their responsibilities plus necessary personal actions & behaviours. You're tackling Gender Diversity from all angles and have goals in place to measure progress and report back openly to all staff.

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