All About Eve Pty Ltd - Understanding Subconscious Bias

Take the first step - Understand Subconscious Bias

Getting started on a path to workplace gender balance is not as daunting as it may appear. Most of our clients have found a good first step is helping your workforce understand what Gender Diversity (GD) is really about - beginning with them understanding the presence of Subconscious Bias in all of us and how we can take conscious action to change our inappropriate behaviour.

The word BIAS itself simply means an error in decision making and all of us, women and men, are prone to bias - it's subconscious, not intentional, decision making.

Most companies feel lost, training in the areas around conscious & subconscious mindsets. Whereas, All About Eve is uniquely positioned in this area to confidently & competently consult on Gender Diversity (GD).

True GD work is not about a blame game, it's about understanding the strengths and weakness of both genders, the possible areas of friction and benefit. At Eve we look to help your workforce understand the fundamentals of subconscious gender bias, tapping into what causes it, how it impacts both sexes, how years of unwitting social training pre-conditions us. Live case studies demonstrate to the audience bias in action, to raise their consciousness of it.

Key is that staff are exposed to this discussion without fear of blame or recrimination; often the concern with the males in the room - Eve understands & addresses this.

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