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Why Horses Help People Learn

Why use horses to develop people skills?


In today's workplace, the so-called soft skills of interpersonal or people skills are recognised as a superior way to motivate and manage staff. Moving away from an old-fashioned, hierarchical approach of the superior and the subordinate to embracing the future; a workforce where staff work willingly & effectively in teams, acknowledging each other's strengths, roles, & contributions. Where teams are being guided towards goals by coaching leaders who inspire confidence, trust and make their people want to follow them.

Soft skills; easy to want to develop, hard to teach.

Enter Four Legged Sages, a training programme unlike anything you or your participants will have experienced before. Tap the emotional intelligence of our equine teachers to take your participants out of their comfort zones to a place where they have to not only think afresh but listen to & feel their in-the-ring employees. Where words cannot mislead because actions & reactions will speak much louder - and the lesson will begin.



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