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Top 7 Soft Skills That Staff Need

According to recruitment site, Indeed, the Soft Skills most required in today's organisations by staff are:


1. Acting as a team player- not only being cooperative, but also displaying strong leadership skills when necessary.

2. Flexibility - adapting to any situation no matter what's thrown at them.

3. Effective communication - articulating well, being a good listener and using appropriate body language; all comms Soft Skills paramount to almost any job.

4. Problem-solving & resourcefulness - critical when unexpected issues inevitably arise.

5. Accepting feedback - not only accepting feedback gracefully, but also applying that feedback to foster their professional growth.

6. Confidence - key to others such as supervisors, employees, and clients believing what's being said. With the knowledge and skills to support self-assurance.

7. Creative thinking - being able to come up with unique solutions or alternatives. Invaluable to driving innovation and increasing efficiency.



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