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Leadership Soft Skills

In a leadership position, either as a manager, or a member of an executive team, Soft Skills are necessary to being effective - particularly abilities such as clear communication & trustworthiness. Below are just 3 of the top 10 attributes leaders should begin looking to acquire or fine-tune, according to recruitment giant, Indeed.* These are the 3 fundamentals that we focus on here at Four Legged Sages:


Without trust, little is possible. Employees need to trust their leader and his/her vision in order for them to follow it. Equally, staff need to be able to feel comfortable coming to their manager or leader with questions and concerns.


Clear, succinctly explanation on everything from organizational goals to specific tasks is a must. Leaders must master all forms of communication, having awareness of the impacts of both verbal and non-verbal comms, as well as understanding that a large part of communication involves listening.

Ability to Motivate

Leaders need to inspire their workers to go the extra mile. Realising there are a number of ways to motivate workers, from self-esteem through to new responsibilities and rewards, leaders must learn what works best for their team members to encourage productivity and passion.

These Soft Skills are much harder to learn, at least in a traditional classroom. For learning success and lasting impact, participants need to find themselves in an environment that allows them to let go of their current behaviours, and be open to new inputs & learning experiences. These experiences provide them with fresh understanding that transfers back into the workplace, allowing them to create new behaviours & develop those essential Soft Skills.

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